2005-2012 Mustang Saleen Racecraft N2+ Adjustable Suspension Kit

2005-2012 Mustang Saleen Racecraft N2+ Adjustable Suspension Kit
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Product Description

The highest level, race quality suspension produced from Saleen to date. The Saleen Racecraft N2+ Adjustable Suspension kit puts handling at the forefront of your driving experiance. This height adjustable coilover kit is built to Saleen's highest quality standards. The Racecraft N2+ Kit features sports calibrated tunable damping, motorsport coil springs individually tuned to suit each application and a host of other high performance features including engineered OEM compatible bracket. Height adjustment is achieved by turning the entire coilover into the lower clevis. The 2mm preload on the coil, and the range of travel remains the same regardless of the installed height. As the spring perch is not the source of height adjustment and the spring preload remains the same, ride quality is identical at minimum drop and maximum drop. The Racecraft N2+ adjustable coilover features 30 Position Adjustable Bound and Rebound Damping with a positive CLICK. You can feel each click as you adjust the damping for easy adjustment and no guess work. The Racecraft N2+ is the pinnacle of performance suspension technology. DO NOT USE AIR GUN ON RACECRAFT N2+ COILOVERS. THIS WILL DAMAGE THE PART AND VOID THE WARRANTY